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Michael points out to Sam and Jason that she never visited him in the clinic. Michael reminds himself what the fortune teller warned him.

Promising he and Robin will take care of Mac, Patrick urges Spinelli to concentrate on Maxie.

When he and Robin arrive at Rice Manor for the rehearsal dinner, they find Mac talking to himself about his daughter marrying a thug.

Things get worse when a monk arrives and Mac orders him to get out.

The priest arrives next and talks about how love and peace can unite everyone in the world.

After Jax leaves, Sonny tells Dominic that he doesn't want him moving in with Jax and Carly to act as Morgan's bodyguard.

He invites him to move in with him and Claudia, admitting he wants to keep an eye on him. Once Sonny leaves, Jax returns and tosses Dominic his police badge.

He then offers his help doing anything to put Sonny behind bars. After Claudia admits that she hopes to be pregnant soon, Carly warns her that it's not easy to replace a lost child with a new one.

Claudia responds that it's obvious to her that Carly is still trying to keep her claws in Sonny. Later, Claudia's upset to find Dominic is moving in with them.

Olivia's not pleased when Johnny stumbles into her office because he couldn't stand being away from her any longer.

Michael confides to Carly about his miserable day.

As she reassures him, Michael remembers Claudia admitting she sent the gunman that shot him.

Unaware the groom is secretly listening, Maxie tells Jason she doesn't want to marry Spinelli but won't tell him because she doesn't want to break his heart.

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