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Nikolas advises Ethan he'll be "dumping" Rebecca soon and that he thinks she'll run to Ethan.

Ethan blasts him for doing this but Nikolas is unimpressed and warns that he'll have to put back all of her pieces once he's done with her.

Dominic asks her to agree to go on a date if he can ring the bell with a big wooden mallet.

Dominic pays off Alice to facilitate the bell ringing but then Lulu makes her own donation to foil his plans.

Claudia's frustrated when she starts to take Kristina to the Ferris wheel but Michael convinces her to go with him to meet her mother instead.

Instead, Kiefer finds her and pulls her away so they can kiss.

Bumping into each other, Sonny and Olivia reminisce about the times they spent together at Coney Island.

The fortune teller advises Michael about his "gift of sight," urging him to accept it and use it. She also warns him about the hell that awaits him.

Robin remarks to Patrick about seeing Andrea still chatting with Edward at the bar. As they start to leave, Robin confronts Andrea and states that Edward saw her at the Metro Court the night of Brianna's murder.

Outside Deidre's hotel room, Sam confides Jason that she's discovered that her client's wife is meeting Edward.

When she declares her case done, Jason invites her to the carnival where they have fun together.

Anthony orders his men to attack the warehouse, unaware that Johnny has offered to fill in for Dominic there and Spinelli has agreed to make a delivery for Jason.

Getting behind the wheel, Edward calls Deidre to cancel their date.

As he drives to the carnival, he collapses from the Digitalis Andrea gave him and cruises through the crowd, hitting a guard and Max then heading towards Morgan and others.

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