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Lorelai attends Chilton's parents day to break up with Max, but ends up kissing him in front of Paris.  Paris spreads the rumor around school, prompting Rory to yell at her leading to a truce.  Sookie ends up dating Jackson.

Gilmore Girls
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Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Emily: Kissing a teacher? In a classroom? On Parents' day?
Lorelai: Well, they wanted us to get more involved with school!

Lorelai: Why are you smiling like that?
Emily: What are you talking about?
Lorelai: You're smiling.
Emily: I'm happy.
Lorelai: That's not your 'I'm happy smile.'
Emily: Well, then what smile is it Lorelai?
Lorelai: It's your 'I've got something on Lorelai smile.'
Lorelai: Rory, your mother must be very tired.
Rory: She works a lot.
Lorelai: I grew up with that smile. I know that smile.
Emily: (to Rory) Tell me about school.
Rory: Well, my French final went pretty well.
Lorelai: You can change the subject. I know the smile.
Emily: Whatever you say, dear.
Lorelai: I used it a few times myself.
Rory: Mom...
Emily: (to Rory) So tell me about Parents' day.
Lorelai: What?
Emily: Parents' day. Next Wednesday. When all the parents are supposed to go to class with their children all day long.
Lorelai: The Chilton newsletter came out today!
Rory: Yep.
Lorelai: Right.
Emily: You didn't read yours?
Lorelai: Not yet.
Emily: Ah...
Lorelai: But you knew that.
Emily: Well...
Lorelai: Hence the smile.