On the eve of presenting join speeches over C-SPAN, Paris reveals to Rory she had sex with her boyfriend and learns Rory is still a virgin.  When Paris doesn't get into Harvard, she has a meltdown on camera and declares her rejection was because of her premarital sex and declares Rory will get in... which she does.  Meanwhile, Sookie learns she's pregnant and Lorelai runs into Max and sparks fly.

Gilmore Girls
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Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Lorelai: Excuse me, hi. I am not seeing my coat here, and it was very cute and it was on sale, and I will fling myself off a building if I lose it.
Woman: We put some of the coat racks in the classroom over there. Take a look. Otherwise, the staircase to the roof is on your right.
Lorelai: Thank you. Hmm. Took two hundred years, but somebody at Chilton finally cracked a joke.

I've got the good kid.

Lorelai Gilmore