Teenage Angst - Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 10
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Georgia is worried about the kids.

Austin doesn't want to see Gil, and Gil threatens Georgia that she better change his mind.

Zion suspects something is wrong. The kids tell him about Ginny's break-up.

Max tells Ginny and Georgia about Marcus. The girls talk about love and relationships.

Hunter and Marcus talk about Ginny. Max gets him out of there. Norah stops Abby from having sex, and they have a heart-to-heart.

Georgia and Ellen talk about the kids and the wedding. The twins try to sneak drunk Marcus in.

A drunk Marcus climbed out his window to ask Georgia how Ginny was. She admits he was good for her. At the end, he drunkenly admits he knows everything.

Ginny thinks Georgia should trust Paul and tell him the truth instead of them running again.

Georgia confesses everything to Paul. He handled most well until she got to Gil's blackmail and Austin shooting Gil. Paul needs time to process.

Ginny checks on Marcus and apologizes for not noticing that he was struggling. She vows to be there no matter what. She goes home to check on her mom.

Paul arranged a meeting at his office and threatened Gil legally. Paul realized even though he was angry, he loved Georgia.

Joe lent Ginny Milkshake so she and Georgia could ride in a horse and carriage to the wedding. City hall has been transformed, and the wedding was lovely.

Cordova and the cops interrupt the reception and arrest Georgia for killing Tom. It's chaos everywhere, and Austin chases the police car, yelling mom didn't do it.

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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm your friend too. What the hell was that?


Gil: You can't keep him from me! I have rights.
Georgia: Gil, I'm not doing anything. He's upset.
Gil: Then, you better talk to him or something, or I'll make your life hell.