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A soft side to Sue and insight into Artie. These were two of the storylines featured this week on Glee. A wrap-up events...

The school could not afford a special van for Artie's wheelchair, so Will convinced the group to stage a bake sale in order to raise money and make sure the team traveled together to sectionals.

Puck ended up coming through by baking pot into his cupcakes (bought from Sandy). At first, he tried to give the profits to Quinn, as a lot of this episode also focused on his efforts to provide for his baby, even though Quinn made it clear she'd never tell anyone it was Finn's. At one point, Puck and Finn actually brawled over the latter's inability to pay Quinn's medical bills, but Finn ended up getting work as a busboy by the end (helped by the fact that he applied for the gig in a wheelchair. That will make sense shortly.).

Quinn thanked Puck for his generosity, but said they couldn't take from Artie's fund.

We learned that Artie got into a car accident when he was eight years old. Hence, the chair. But as he hilariously told Tina, his penis still works. These two actually kissed and bonded over the fact that each has a disability, until Tina made an admission: she'd been lying about her stuttering problem. This ticked Artie off royally and he wheeled himself away.

Throughout the episode, the entire club was in wheelchairs because Will wanted them to understand how difficult life is for the handicapped. This led to a great closing number.

In other storylines:

- Sue showed her soft side. She let a mentally challenged student join the Cheerios. Even though Will questioned her motives, we soon saw they were pure. How come? Because Sue has a sister in the same state. She often visits her and reads to her. Awww!

- Also, Kurt challenged Rachel to a "diva-off" to see who would take the lead on the song "Defying Gravity." However, Kurt purposely messed up during the competition and here's why: his dad had gotten a call that referred to his son as a "fag." Kurt saw how upset this made him. In a moving conversation, he told his father that he loved him more than he loved being a star. He didn't wish to put his dad through more grief.

That doesn't mean Kurt is going into the closet, of course. But he's willing to sacrifice certain aspects of his life in order to unburen his dad a bit. It was a moving, selfless gesture from our favorite character on the show.

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