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Meredith and Sheppard and going strong. Very strong. And very loudly as George and Izzie are witness to. As they're trying to figure out who was rocking Meredith's world all night, they see McDreamy sneaking out of thee house. George is jealous, of course, while Izzie is resentful that Meredith may be receiving special treatment in the program.

Cristina already knew about the love birds, so she's feeling under the weather for a different reason - a flu is making its away around the hospital. She isn't treating Burke wel, as a result. That good doctor is busy with Alex in the morning anyway, as a patient who is voluntarily shot sometimes as part of his "art" is back for another round. He bonds with the typically rude intern because they both wrestled in college. A human side of Alex is shown - along with Burke, who apparently plays the trumpet - through the eventual death of this man.

Meanwhile, as George is trying to be mad at Sheppard, he's chosen to assist him on a major brain surgery on an infant girl. Before proceding, though. O'Malley questions the sober state of the anesthesiologist. This causes him to be thrown out of the operating room. During the procedure, George is proven correct as the doctor passes out. This leads to a bonding moment between Shep and O'Mals.

Finally, Meredith is forced to face some of her own maternal issues because her patient went through an illegal stomch stapling surgery in order to please her critical mother. At home, she's then must face the critical Izzie. After discussing the affair with Sheppard, however, Izzie realizes that Meredith is really falling for this fellow. Cristina discovers news of a different kind: she's pregnant.

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