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An all-new Grey's Anatomy after a four-week layoff. So exciting that it's hard to even know where to begin. But we'll give it our best shot.

Let's start with Meredith and her hot veterinarian love interest, Finn. He likes her. She seems to like him, too, in spite of her recent celibacy vow. It's easy to see why. Not only is this guy a compassionate and talented doctor for animals, but he's pretty good looking. He births horses like some kind of superhero, and looks like the kid from Scent of a Woman.

After repeated requests, Meredith finally agrees to have dinner at Finn's apartment if he will respect her celibacy vow. We'll see how long that lasts. In any case, their date is interrupted by Derek, who brings the dog back to Finn after it experienced a relapse of whatever dog illness it had. The sight of Meredith in Finn's office (and clothes), prompts Derek to try harder in the bedroom (and shower) with Addison. Earlier in the episode, the two reportedly had the most boring sex ever!

Then there's Dr. Bailey, new mother and intern supervisor on the warpath. She's pissed off -- at Dr. Webber for micromanaging (or "mommy-tracking") her, and at Izzie for giving conflicting medical advice to Denny. When Dr. Bailey learns that the young Dr. Stevens advised Denny against attaching a portable device that would allow him mobility, she raises questions about Izzie's ethics and professional conduct. In the end, Denny ends up taking Bailey's advice and getting the device, allowing fans to see him standing upright for the first time.

Dr. Burke, meanwhile, is engrossed by the arrival of heart patient Eugene Foote, renowned violinist and Burke's musical idol. Foote, who was given a pacemaker in the recent past, wants Burke to remove it because its impact on his musical timing is unacceptable. Burke protests, because the device improves Foote's cardiovascular health, but the musician convinces him to operate, saying he will go elsewhere to have it removed if necessary. When he is unable to complete the removal successfully and Foote dies, Burke is inconsolable.

Speaking of complicated medical issues and ethical dilemmas, a woman asks Addison to clandestinely tie her tubes during the birth of her seventh child via Caesarian section. Her devoutly Catholic husband will not permit birth control, and the woman pleads for Addison to end her child-rearing years in secret. Much to the chagrin of the obnoxious and bitter Dr. Alex Karev, Addison complies. Alex proceeds to imply, in a conversation with the woman's husband, that the "complication" from the C-section was planned. As the husband ponders legal action against the hospital, Addison assigns Alex and his bad attitude to her cases indefinitely.

Last but not least, George awkwardly moves back into Meredith's house, putting his feud with Izzie behind him as his relationship with Calli continues to heat up. His hair looks shorter now, but still pretty bad.

The Insider's only complaint with this episode? Not enough Cristina Yang wisecracks. Step it up next week, guys!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

MEREDITH: "Obviously I can't go out with him, right?"
ALEX: "Do I look like a chick to you? Do I look like I care about yeast cream or tingling feelings? He's not on drugs or in jail or keeping body parts in his basement. If you wanna do 'em, do 'em."
MEREDITH: "Not do him. Date him. I'm not doing anybody. I'm knitting."

FINN: "So you and Derek... are you together?"
MEREDITH: "Uhhh... Derek and I are, um, just friends. He's married and I am knitting a sweater. And, um, well, I guess I'm rambling which I tend to do a lot lately and I just wish that someone would just tell me to shut... My point is uh ... we're, um... he's married and I'm knitting a sweater."
FINN: "I see. So, you're single?"
MEREDITH: "Single?"
FINN: "I ask because I was wondering if you would like to go out with me."
MEREDITH: "Out, with you?"
FINN: "On a date. Tonight."
MEREDITH: "A date? Tonight?"
FINN: "And you're repeating everything I say so you can buy yourself some time and figure out a way to let me down easy. It's okay, you know, I get it."
MEREDITH: "No. I... I... um... you know you're very... it's just that if I were, you would... Not dating!"