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Preston continues to lead the surgical team while Richard recovers. Mrs. Webber, meanwhile, cuts her vacation short to care for her husband, even though Richard isn't particularly happy about her presence.

Mrs. Dr. Shepherd is still in Seattle, exacerbating tension between Derek and herself, as well as Derek and Meredith, and between Meredith and herself. It's an awkward situation, okay?

Cristina and Meredith commiserate and express their bitterness toward their former flames, although neither can really seem to let go of the love they feel for their men. George is having his own issues (what a surprise), as he continues to be paired up with Olivia. He ultimately admits to her that he doesn't see them together in the future, and that he likes someone else, which everyone on Earth knows is Meredith.

Miranda must handle an unusual surgery of a man who has blocked bowels... we don't even want to get into what is blocking them but let's just say it's heads of plastic dolls. That is just demented if you ask the Insider.

A car crash brings another couple to the hospital, along with their son. If the husband does not get a partial liver transplant, he will die, and the only possible donor is his son, who doesn't want to make the donation due to the way the dad abuses his mother. After conferring with Alex, the son makes the donation, but he asks his mother to leave his father and inform the police of the ongoing abuse.

Just another day at Seattle Grace.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

MEREDITH: [to Derek] "I am a sink with an open drain, and anything you say runs straight out." [storms off]
GEORGE: "She probably could have used a better metaphor."
IZZIE: "Give her a break, she's got a hangover."

ADDISON: "We got successful, you and me. We got busy and we got lazy. We didn't even bother to fight anymore, Derek. Mark was there and I missed you and now I'm sorry. I'm more sorry than you could possibly imagine, but at least I'm talking to you about it."
DEREK: "I'm a sink with an open drain, Addie."