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We have... a code... black.

These words echoed through our minds for two weeks in advance, as ABC hyped its post-Super Bowl episode beyond belief. In the end, a product worthy of the hype was delivered... unlike Pittsburgh's 21-10 win over Seattle.

In fact, the first three minutes may have exceeded expectations, as George is beckoned to the shower by Meredith, Cristina and Izzie (at the same time!) in a dream sequence. Then he wakes up, of course. It's George.

As soon as Meredith (who has been lamenting her place in the world, as usual) arrives at Seattle Grace, the lives of everyone at the hospital are threatened when a patient is brought in with a crude explosive embedded in him that could go off at the slightest bump. Upon realizing this, Alex alerts Dr. Burke and Seattle Grace goes into... a Code... Black... Status.

That's not all. Dr. Bailey returns as to the hospital... to go into labor. However, her husband is severely injured in a car accident on the way to the hospital to be with her and must undergo emergency brain surgery in the O.R. next to the room with the bomb. Everyone has evacuated the surgical wing except Derek, who is attempting to save Bailey's husband's life. He refuses, telling the bomb squad to get out of his sight.

The only thing stopping the bomb from exploding is the hand of paramedic Hannah Davies (played by Christina Ricci), who originally placed her hand there to stop potentially fatal bleeding before the nature of the wound was established. As the pressure builds throughout the episode, Hannah finally cracks and bolts for the door. Everybody in the room dives to the floor, but there is no explosion.... because Meredith has placed her hand in the patient, and on the bomb.

On the edge of our seats, and feeling nauseous from the eight pounds of chips and salsa and chicken wings we ate during the Super Bowl, we are left hanging as the screen fades to black and the first segment of this two-part drama is complete.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

PRESTON: "Dr. Shepherd."
DEREK: "Dr. Burke. Hey. We’ve known each other for a while."
DEREK: "We’ve done several successful surgeries together."
DEREK: "Your girlfriend is my ex-girlfriend's best friend."
DEREK: "So, why don’t we call each other by our first names?"
PRESTON: “I don’t think so."
ADDISON: "Hey, Preston."
PRESTON: "Good to see you, Addison!"
DEREK: "She gets to call you by your first name and I don't?"
PRESTON: "I like her."
DEREK: "You don't like me?"

MEREDITH: "I have this feeling."
DEREK: "I get that feeling also. If you wait long enough it will pass."
MEREDITH: "Do you promise?"
DEREK: "I promise."