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So Meredith snores. Bad.

That's how "Six Days: Part I" begins and ends. We learn that she's a big time snorer, and that Derek sleeps on the couch, then sets an alarm and comes back to bed before she wakes up. When they stay at his place, he sleeps in the hammock outside and does the same thing. Even giving his lover a breathe-right strip doesn't ease Derek's woes. But despite his lack of sleep, they seem to be happy - and there are much bigger issues afflicting the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital.

One of the reason Meredith has abandonment issues - which she admits to Derek after learning of his alternate sleeping arrangements - is Thatcher Grey. He walked out on the family when Meredith was a child, and now he's back at SGH, thanks to his newborn granddaughter. Throughout the episode, Meredith has the opportunity to update him on the progress of Molly's daughter, but she can't bring herself to do it.

Richard finally convinces her to talk to Thatcher and give him a chance, to find out his side of the story before shutting him out of her life forever. She and the Chief reflect upon Thatcher while watching from above as Addison helps the newborn baby survive a severe stomach problem. Assisted by Alex, she operates and gets the baby through at least one major complication.

After the surgery is complete (and successful), Alex admits he's fed up with Mark and is no longer interested in plastics. He also confesses that he messed up Mark's coffee order on purpose, because he was mean to Addison. They gaze into each other's eyes, and lean in for a kiss before the door opens and the moment dies. Awkwardly, they part ways, leaving us wondering what Part II holds for Addisex.

Dr. Burke is recovering from surgery but won't tell Cristina about it. She wants desperately to know how he's doing, but can't bring herself to ask. He wants to let her back into his world, but his pride is in the way. Cristina tries everything - getting nurses and doctors to inquire about his progress - including stalking his room. But he won't budge. As the credits roll, though, we see her balled up on the couch in his room at night. Neither one will say "uncle" in this fight, but it's clear both want to.

Izzie and Callie meet a patient with a bad attitude... understandable, given her Scoliosis and a spinal misalignment that has her bent over at a 90 degree angle. The 17-year-old is at SGH to have kidney stones removed, but Callie has another idea. She wants Derek to fix the spine so the girl can walk upright. The patient agrees quickly, but is apparently thwarted by her insurer's unwillingness to cover the risky surgery - which entails Derek removing part of the curved spine and replacing it with titanium.

Izzie had been gung-ho to scrub in on the operation, but Bailey wouldn't let her do so until her psychiatrist cleared her. Which wouldn't happen until she put the $8.7M check in the bank. She eventually did, but not without kicking and screaming and guilt. Her whole rationale for not depositing Denny's money was that she wanted to do something good before she felt she deserved it. Now that she's a multimillionaire, is this uninsured patient's operation the deed she's been waiting for?

George's father survived his heart surgery with flying colors. The operation to remove his cancerous tumors, on the other hand, proves to be much harder. Mr. O'Malley convinces Richard and Miranda, before they operate, to take out the tumor even if they think he's not strong enough to recover. He'd rather go down fighting, he says, than be closed back up with weeks or months to live. Reluctantly, and perhaps against their better judgment, they agree.

After some kind, reflective moments with his dad, a worried George leaves, and the operation ensues... and Mr. O'Malley pulls through. A check of his kidneys reveals that his body is recovering nicely, at least for the time being, leaving George ecstatic. So much so that he kisses Callie in front of his brothers. Looks exchanged between Richard and Miranda leave us a little less optimistic about the O'Malley patriarch's chances, however.

How will it all play out? We'll have to wait and see in Part II...

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

MEREDITH: "Hey, how's it going with Addison?"
ALEX: "She's doing well."

DEREK: "You snore."
MEREDITH: "I do not!"

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