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The episode opens with Alex going outside the trailer in the morning and being nearly accosted by a giant bear. He freaks. And wants to move.

Izzie's not having it, though, because she doesn't want to move backwards in life, only forward from now on. Going back to Mer's would be too tough.

The chief has a meeting with the Seattle Grace docs, and it turns into a firestorm. Not one doc is happy about the merger, to say the least.

Cristina is freaking out because she feels like she’s not getting enough surgeries. She really can't figure out how to handle the situation.

Lexie comes in with her ailing dad and Meredith immediately assumes he’s drunk. He turns out to not be drunk – but is vomiting blood, and is very disoriented.

He may not have been drunk, but he was a lot in the past, as Meredith says - correctly - that she bets he's in need of a liver transplant, or he’s done for.

Seattle Grace’s policy is that an alcoholic has to be sober for one year to qualify for a transplant. Lexie jumps right up and offers a piece of her liver.

Mark is upset because they are an item now and he wanted to be consulted. Lexie's not a match, though, so that leaves ... yeah. Meredith doesn't want to.

Lexie ultimately persuades her with a great speech about no matter how bad a dad Thatcher was to her, he was so great to Lexie. So give her her dad back!

She finally agrees, but Thatcher won't have it. He's put her through enough. Kind of true, and a very bold move for him to step up and say that.

The Chief even tries to change his mind, to no avail. Meredith finally says to him he isn’t anything to her, but she loves Lexie, so she’s going to do it for her.

That touches Thatcher’s heart, and he allows it. He makes it through, and Mer even says the door is open for them to heal their own relationship.

Mark has an elderly patient who needs a mole removed from his back, but then becomes a handful when he tells him he's decided to get a penile implant.

His son and daughter-in-law are not happy, as they don’t want him to waste his money on it. He puts his foot down, and goes ahead with the testing.

His son decides to manipulate him, but Mark sticks up for him after the man tells him about how his wife died 20 years ago and he just now met another woman he wants to make love to. At his age, there are a whole lot of yesterdays and so few tomorrows. Maureen is his tomorrow.

They go through it and Mark has Cristina "test the apparatus." LOL.

Back to the world of Alex, his disdain for the woods reaches new heights as a tick on his neck pushes him over the edge. Cristina removes it, natch.

He lays down the law that he and Izzie have to move back to civilization, yeah, but as usual he caves because Izzie's happy in the trailer.

Speaking of Izzie, she is occupied with a young man with cancer similar to hers. He and his girlfriend have been together eight years, and he’s afraid to propose.

Turns out he’s just waiting for remission.

Owen wants to skip the surgery and tell him he’s pretty much a goner, but Izzie fights hard for him to have a chance to fight.

They go ahead with surgery, but he doesn’t make it.

Owen is overcome with grief at the fact that he could have had a few more months, but they basically took that from him. He is upset that Izzie let his emotions take over - a familiar theme - and chastises her that she cannot be a cancer patient and a surgeon at Seattle Grace.

Is her future up in the air?

Cristina finally can't take it anymore and tells the Chief that she wants surgeries, and she wants to learn, and if Seattle Grace can’t provide her what she needs, she wants to be cut.

Callie, who herself was given a position as an attending at the new Seattle Grace (awesome scene) talks to the Chief and gets her job back.


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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

I had 5 interns. 4 of you have been on this table. One of you has cancer, one of you died. You'd better not pull anything funny on me Grey.


We begin life with few obligations. We pledge allegiance to the flag. We swear to return our library books. But as we get older we take vows, make promises, get burden by commitments, to do no harm, to tell the truth and nothing but, to love, to cherish till death do us part. So we just keep running up the tap 'til we owe everything to everybody and suddenly ... what the.

Meredith (narrating)

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