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Nick and Hank investigate a serial murderer named Marty, who continually kills people who look down on him because his father did the same. Nick and Hank eventually get hot on his trail, and lead to a standoff. Marty gives up willingly after seeing himself in the mirror looking exactly like his father.

Meanwhile, Juliette comes home to a man and a woman spying on and taking pictures of the house. She writes down the plate number and Nick calls it in, getting an address. She investigates, and the woman immediately heads inside away from her.

Eddie is beaten to a pulp and is given a bloody scythe drawing as a message not to rock the status quo by helping Nick. Nick is willing to stop asking for advice, but Eddie doesn’t want to and they decide to continue their friendship.

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Grimm Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Actually, that was a paraphrase, I left out the bad language because I couldn't write that fast.


[To Nick] At least I know who you are.