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Hank continues having nightmares over seeing a Wesen's true form. His fear gets worse and worse as the episode progresses, and he eventually arms himself with a shotgun and handgun, waiting.

Juliette treats Adalind's cat. The cat has been given some kind of potion, and scratches Juliette. Nick is worried about her, and she refuses to go to the hospital until he tells her the truth. Nick brings her to the trailer and tells her everything, and she doesn't believe. Juliette instead believes he needs help, before Nick can prove her wrong with Monroe's help she passes out. The last scene shows Juliette eyes are completely black, just like Adalind's cat.

Nick is on the hunt for Akira, the man who killed his parents and is currently in Portland searching for the coins. A woman in black is following Akira. Nick eventually confronts Akira at his home, and before Nick can get answers out of him the Lady in Black stabs and kills Akira. Nick recognizes the woman as his mother.

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