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-Nick and Hank go after a Wesen killer in a video game. He poses them to solve a riddle by asking them "what's his name." After consulting the Grimm books, Hank and Nick figure out his name, and eventually find him. He leaps off the roof of a building before they are able to catch him.

-Juliette asks Rosalee and Monroe to help her with her memories. Juliette describes the vision of Nick she's having, and Monroe realizes that it's Nick in the trailer. Monroe tells her he needs to ask Nick first before he can take here there. Monroe passes this along to Nick, and, while Nick initially refues, Monroe adds that Juliette will leave towna nd move on from Nick for good unless she can see the trailer. He allows Monroe to take her there.

-Renard and his spy reveal more about the Royal Families and their plans.

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