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  • Nick's recent Wesen run in gets him in trouble with the FBI. Nick saw early on that they were beginning to suspect him and started covering his tracks. They question him but end up releasing him because they have no evidence.
  • Monroe and Rosalee help Nick with an antidote with Juliette. Meanwhile, Adalind's mother develops an antidote as well that Renard will use. Renard kisses Juliette and she wakes up.
  • Renard shows his true Wesen form and it also an illegitimate child of a royal family.
  • Nick gives his Mom the coins and drops her off at the train station. She turns around and steals a car. Extending her stay in Portland.
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Grimm Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Monroe: Cheapskate doesn't realize how close she came to getting her throat ripped out.
Rosalee: That's so sweet, maybe later.

It feels like it was just yesterday I was crashing through my window to introduce myself to him.