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Nick and Hank investigate the murders of local criminals by a vigilante Wesen who slashes the victims’ throats. A woman who witnesses the attack describes this vigilante as El Cucuy. Nick asks Juliette about Cucuy, and she describes it as the Boogeyman. When they visit Pilar, the woman from La Llorona, she describes Cucuy as something that wanders the world, listening to the pleas of women in need; when enough of those voices call out in need Cucuy awakens and grants their plea of help.

Juliette confronts Nick over the identity of “M.” Nick recounts the last time he saw her. While Nick is out investigating, Juliette traces the IP address to Visnja Gora.

Monroe and Rosalee decide to tell their parents about dating each other later.

In Vienna, a routine ultrasound to check on Adalind's baby reveals two heartbeats.

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