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A couple of con artist fortune tellers are brutally killed by a manticore, who takes a picture of their bodies and sends it off to another party.

Henrietta, revealed to be a Hexenbiest, attempts to determine how powerful Juliette's transformation is, and she takes a blood sample to test.

Wu guesses that the killer of the two fortune tellers was probably a manticore, and their last customer describes what sounds a lot like a woge during the seance.

Renard discovers that Viktor and Adalind have come to Portland.

The manticore, Jonathan Wilde, is actually a bounty hunter in the employ of the Wesen Council, and he is killing targets on their approved hit list. His next target is a Blutbad working as a pimp.

Monroe and Rosalee, having returned from their honeymoon, tell Nick and company that the deaths of the fortune tellers may be at the hands of one of the Council's bounty hunters.

Renard faces off against Viktor and Adalind, who are looking for baby Diana. Despite mutual threats, the conversation remains non-violent. Renard dispatches a minion to search for Kelly Burkhardt and Diana.

Juliette starts experimenting with her powers as the Council issues a hit on Nick for his interference. Henrietta's test of Juliette's blood reveals that Juliette is now immensely powerful and just as dangerous, as she is completely untrained. Worse, her condition is permanent.

Nick and company find Wilde's fingerprint on one of his victims' cell phone, and arrest him. He kills a cop and breaks out of prison, heading to Nick's house and confronting Juliette.

Juliette uses her Hexen powers to turn Wilde's stinger on himself, killing him.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

You're like a five-year-old with a loaded gun.


If the fortune tellers were any good, they would have seen it coming.