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Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu take stock of what's left of the trailer and save what they can, taking it to Rosalee's spice shop. Juliette takes the opportunity to send the email trap to Kelly Burkhard to lure her to Portland.

A pair of Wesen prostitutes are working the streets. After one leaves with a john, the other is also picked up. Lured into an isolated park area, the unknown man slashes her throat.

Adalind, Monroe, and Rosalee work together to prepare the Hexenbiest suppression potion. The team decides to put Adalind up at Bud's home as the last place Juliette would look for him. Catherine Schade's body is exumed for the remaining ingredients to the potion.

Prince Kenneth flawlessly manipulates Juliette into doing whatever he wants.

Nick, Hank, and Wu investigate the murdered prostitute and soon make the connection to Jack the Ripper. The other prositute is later murdered by "Jack" for talking to the police. 

When the Hexenbiest suppression potion is finished, Adalind tests the potion on herself. It is apparently effective. Nick assures Adalind that no one is going to take her baby this time.

Renard has another bleeding incident and goes in a panic to Henrietta. When she can't instantly help him, he storms off. After he leaves, "Jack" shows up and murders Henrietta.

Juliette goes to the spice shop to meet Nick and company, but she refuses to take the potion, instead destroying it and attacking them. She forces Nick to point his gun at Monroe. A shot is heard as the screen cuts to black.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

So, thanks, Mom, for being dead when I needed you the most.


Uh... after eating one of Adalind's cookies and eating half my carpet, I'm not all that keen, but whatever you guys need...