When you watch Grimm Season 4 Episode 4 online, Nick and Hank investigate the death of an abusive ex-husband who mysteriously died after being suffocated by clay - and the brother of the man's ex-wife calls to confess to the murder. Meanwhile, Rosalee, Monroe, and Elizabeth continue to work on the cure for Nick's Grimmless state and Monroe's and Rosalee's interracial marriage draws ire from certain traditional-minded Wesen. Find out what happens when you watch Grimm Season 4 Episode 4 online!

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When you watch Grimm Season 4 Episode 4 online, you follow along while Rosalee, Monroe, and Renard's mother Elizabeth continue their work to find a cure for Adalind's de-Grimming curse on Nick; a brick through the spice shop window reminds them that not all Wesen approve of Monroe and Rosalee's interracial marriage. A drunk Siegbarste attacks his ex-wife and her son. They flee to safety, but the Siegbarste turns up dead outside their home the next morning, covered in clay and apparently suffocated. Nick and Hank arrive to investigate the crime and suspect Wesen involvement, but they can't turn up any Wesen with clay as part of their Modus Operandi. The situation only gets more complicated when the woman's rabbi brother calls them and confesses to the murder: he tells them he prayed for divine intervention to protect his sister and her son, and was answered with a golem, a legendary creature of clay created by magic of the Kabbalah. It's now up to them to figure out how to stop the monster before it kills again. Find out how what happens and how it all comes together when you watch Grimm Season 4 Episode 4 online!

Episode Details

On Grimm Season 4 Episode 4, Wu becomes even more suspicious of Trebel while Hank and Nick investigate the possibility of clay-induced asphyxiation.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (32 Votes)
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Grimm Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

If you're interested in your friend ever being a Grimm again, let's board up the window and get back to work.

Elizabeth Lascelles

Royal foresters did not throw a brick through our window, Monroe!