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  • Promising to attend his ordination, Billy tells his brother he'll be placing himself in rehab after the event.
  • After Alan offers to buy Bill a drink, Lizzie chases her grandfather away and then argues with Bill about who her boss is.
  • Lizzie finds Billy asleep after a few final drinks and confesses how guilty she feels for allowing him to drink without telling anyone.
  • Will asks Cassie if she can invite Edmund over to help him prepare for the play.
  • Worried how Will is going to react once Edmund is out of his life, Cassie seeks help from Josh but they're interrupted by Edmund and Reva.
  • Cassie (Nicole Forester) thanks Edmund for not saying anything about Beth's baby and Edmund assures her he would never hurt her.
  • Bill stops by the farmhouse but Josh won't let him inside and adds that he can't come to the ordination until he apologizes to Billy.
  • Meanwhile, Billy confronts Alan at the Towers and warns him to stay away from his son. After a face off with Lizzie, Bill invites Alan to attend Josh's ordination.
Guiding Light
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