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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 4/25

Today on Guiding Light ...

Reluctant to confront Cassie, Josh runs into Harley who admits she can't stop thinking about Gus. Admitting she knows he's having problems with his marriage, Harley urges him not to give up on what he and Cassie have.

Guessing Spaulding Enterprises is ripe for a takeover, Dinah suggests to Bill that he's the person to do this with her backing. Bill stops her and admits that he doesn't want Lizzie to know that he had anything to do with her scheme against Alan.

Later, though, he ends up at the Spaulding board room. Admitting he read Marina's report about the other day, Mallet asks Harley if she froze. Harley denies that she had a panic attack but Mallet decides to assign her to desk duty until she's ready.

Lizzie tells Alan that Ava is pregnant with Bill's baby but adds with a smile that she and Bill are back together. Alan tells Mallet that people are talking about how his rise to Chief of Police coincided with Dinah's ascension in power.

Learning that Harley asked him to move out, Cassie invites Cyrus to get a place at the Beacon and then reveals that Josh is coming home today. Josh finds Cassie drinking at the Beacon bar and fails to hug her back when she embraces him.

Finally back at home, Cassie announces that she wants to move on with their lives but Josh claims he's not ready to do that and will sleep in Will's old room. Cassie tries to kiss him but he pulls back.

Meanwhile, Cyrus stops by Harley's house and asks if he can get his things.

When he tries to leave, she stops him and the two head up to the bedroom. After sex, she asks him to leave and tells him she needs time to think of what comes next in her life.

Dinah warns Alan that in a few days, Bill and she will be taking over his former company. Asking her to trust him, Bill seeks Lizzie's opinion about a Spaulding takeover. She tells him to go for it.

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