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Alan blames Beth for not being a better mother to her daughter. She reminds him that she's raising his child and in school but he complains she takes him for granted.

As the wedding stops, Shayne punches Mallet.

When a cop tries to grab him, Josh steps in to help his son but Dinah punches Josh.

Frank arrests Dinah and Shayne for disturbing the peace. Mallet complains that Marina didn't tell him Shayne was back.

She denies knowing that Shayne was going to do this and bursts into tears.

Later, both admit they talked with their former lovers before the wedding. Josh tries to get some answers at the station house but Shayne won't stop joking about all that has happened.

In jail, Dinah questions Shayne about his actions and why he didn't tell her who he was. When he suddenly feels a pain, Shayne stops her from calling out for help.

Beth turns to Coop for some fun at his place and the two are seen by Buzz just as they leave. The next day, Reva complains to Jeffrey about his work hours but then apologizes.

Beth freaks out to discover she spent the night with Coop. When a worried Alan asks Buzz if he's seen a missing Beth, Buzz denies it.

He talks Alan into going home and Coop thanks him for avoiding the close call. Jeffrey introduces Reva to Blossom, a student and nanny.

When Reva gives him a hard time about finding one so early in her pregnancy, he points out the woman's mother had leukemia when she was pregnant with her and both turned out fine.

Mallet learns that Marina paid for Dinah's bail. Marina blames Dinah for ruining her wedding. Beth returns home to an appreciative Alan.

Thanks to a call from Josh, Reva is finally reunited with Shayne.

Proposing to her again at the courthouse, Mallet convinces Marina to marry him right now. After hearing Marina bailed her out, Dinah hurries to the courtroom and watches from above as they tie the knot.

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