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Bill says he remembers little from the kidnaping and fears he can't remember because he's the person who kidnaped her. Dinah insists he's not.

Grady's not pleased when Daisy balks at the idea of moving in with him but she points out that she's always an embarrassment or to blame when things go wrong.

Telling Frank they want to have their Christmas with the family, Marina and Mallet decide to take their honeymoon trip after the holidays.

Later, Daisy finds Mallet and Marina putting up a Christmas tree and apologizes for ruining their wedding but they assure her she's not to blame and call her part of the family.

Boasting that she "fixed" it, Daisy reveals that she's moving out.

Mallet convinces her to stay over the holidays but when she hears them arguing about whether she knows what love is, she angrily decides to move out today.

Frank gives Grady a hard time when he wants to but a tree from the Rafe fundraiser tree lot.

Reading the newspaper headlines about Spaulding stock falling 29 percent, Lizzie presses Cyrus to get her the answers she needs to save Bill.

As she presses him for results, Lizzie collapses.

At the hospital when Lizzie argues with Rick about whether she should be admitted or not, he injects her with a sedative. Grady watches as Dinah tries to convince Bill to turn himself in to the police.

After Bill leaves, Dinah advises Grady she will not allow Bill to go to prison but he responds that Bill may end up dead instead.

Grady then tells Alan that Dinah may have had something to do with the kidnaping. Bill turns himself in to Frank and claims he's being set up.

Cyrus calls Bill about Lizzie and he hurries to the hospital where she wakes to find him by her side. Dinah warns Cyrus she will not allow Alan to hurt her brother.

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