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As she and Natalia move into the farmhouse, Olivia tells her "roommate" that she has a problem with her putting a cross over the fireplace. Natalia counters that Olivia's art should be in her bedroom.

Things get worse when Olivia spots Natalia's creche and later leads to an argument about making versus buying cookies.

Christina encourages Reva as she trains to stay in shape while Reva urges her to grab Remy before he gets away.

Ava confides to Remy that the loss of their baby hurts her every day.

Admitting she has a job offer out in San Francisco, Ava invites him to fly out to the West Coast with her for the interview.

Sensing his hesitancy, Ava asks who she is. Denying it's someone else, Remy boasts it's work because that he passed his MCAT.

Thrilled for him, Ava assures him that she's very proud of him.

Christina calls him but Remy tells Ava it's just a friend.

Reminding her that she left him before, Remy asks her for time. She promises to be here for him. Jeffrey insists that Shayne cancel his plans to leave town and stay in Springfield to help his mother get through the holidays.

When he won't agree to the idea, he leaks that Reva's cancer is back. Just then, Reva arrives and realizes what Jeffrey has done.

Sending Jeffrey away, the two argue about her decision to have the baby. Later, a despondent Shayne drives his car onto the train tracks and tosses the keys out the window.

Jeffrey is reunited with Ava and tells her he's excited to see the twinkle in her eyes again. When Ava chats with Olivia about her job interview, Christina overhears about the trip to San Francisco and her hope to win Remy back.

Later, she and Remy decide to wait until after the holidays to deal with their divorce as she explains she'll be gone to see a friend.

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