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Buzz tells Coop that he is out of his mind and in extreme danger. Coop tries to explain how it began with Beth, which makes Buzz wonder if he thought she was the answer to his writer's bloc.

Later, when Coop calls, Beth panics to hear he told Buzz about their affair. Lizzie freaks out when she sees the cut on Bill's chest and assumes it's the one she gave her kidnapper.

While Lizzie runs to the bathroom to deal with this new "evidence," Bill sees the cut and wonders what happened.

Touching the cut again, Lizzie tells Bill that she thinks he is being set up. She then wonders if it came from the van accident and promises him she knows he didn't kidnap her.

Bill then seeks legal advice from Mel who demands to know everything he and Lizzie know. Seeing the cut, Mel orders him not to show it to anyone.

When Frank tries to question him and Mel won't allow it, Frank tells them both he's got to take Bill in to be fingerprinted.

Meanwhile, Grady puts cream on his own cut. When Cyrus spots the "clue" and voices his concern, Grady reveals that he cut Bill while he was in his coma.

After a quick chat with his brother, Alan confronts Cyrus about his arrangement with Grady. Alan insists their deal isn't done until Bill is out of his granddaughter's life for good.

Frank's concerned to learn about the money Nadine lost in the foreign investment trust and blames Olivia.

After offering Natalia a raise, Olivia asks Decker to give Natalia her investment money back. Lizzie asks Cyrus if she can hire him to find out the truth about her kidnapper.

He agrees to help her prove Bill is innocent and then updates Alan, hinting that he'll take some of his money too to keep his secret.

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