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Making breakfast with Olivia and Emma, Natalia explains her New Year's Eve traditions. The moment is spoiled as Alan arrives with a present for Emma.

Olivia fumes when he signs Philip's name to the card and then privately tells Olivia shouldn't be living on a farm.

Though she reports for work at the Beacon for New Year's Eve, Natalia decides to go home early to be with Emma and Olivia.

Before responding to Doris' demand to see him, Mel suggests that Bill accept a plea deal from the D.A. in hopes a judge will go easy on him.

At the hospital, Alan visits with Doris and boasts that he asked Beth to marry him. She leaks that the fire at the building destroyed all the evidence in the kidnaping case which means there is no case.

Outraged, Alan warns her that Bill is not going to get away with what he did. When Mel brings Bill, they also hear the news that Bill is a free man.

Dinah invites Shayne to come to New York with her to celebrate New Year's Eve. Running into Shayne at Company, Marina suggests that he owes Mallet an apology for ruining their wedding.

He insists he will never apologize to Mallet but does offer her one. Dinah stops by the cemetery to wish Ross a Happy New Year.

Guessing she had a hand in the fire, Bill and Dinah toast the new year. He also apologizes for how he's been treating her.

When he admits he still wonders who was behind the kidnaping, Dinah urges him to let it go. At midnight, Lizzie returns and surprises Bill at the Towers and kisses him.

Alan confides to Alexandra that he wants his company and his son back.

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