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Shayne wheels around town spying on friends and family members, ending up in the courtroom watching Dinah surprise Mallet. She advises him that he's wrong to think that Bill kidnapped Lizzie.

She points out that he's getting married today and asks if he's excited.

Pointing out that their love almost cost her her life, Mallet assures her that he's happy with Marina.

Crying, she embraces him and then runs out.

When Reva complains that she threw out her old wigs after the last chemotherapy, Jeffrey offers to get a new one for her and the baby.

She announces she's going to tell Josh about her cancer returning and then they'll have to figure out how to tell the kids.

Frank confronts Josh and forces him to reveal that he is marrying Marina and Mallet today. Josh explains why it was supposed to be a secret but Frank insists the family will be there.

Meanwhile, Marina opens up to Reva about the secret ceremony.

Reva guesses she'd like Frank to walk her down the aisle. When she mentions Shayne, Marina explains that while she misses him, leaving town was the best thing for both of them.

Shayne tries to pick a fight with Mallet but he doesn't know who he is and eventually runs off to get married. Jeffrey invites Olivia to go see Ava at Christmas with him and then leaks that Reva has leukemia.

When he mentions his insecurities about doing the right thing for Reva, she urges him to talk to his wife about his feelings. Reva finally tells Josh she has leukemia.

After urging Frank to realize Bill didn't kidnap Lizzie, Dinah spots Shayne and tries to catch up to him. As they prepare for their wedding, Lynn calls Marina about a break in at Company and asks her to bring help.

There, they find Josh with Marina's family ready to attend the wedding.

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Guiding Light
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