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Spotting Shayne, Dinah guesses he's stalking her but he denies it and badmouths the wedding taking place inside Company. Dinah advises Grady she's been trying to reach him.

Daisy boasts this is their first public date and he wonders about the reaction they'll get. While Daisy enters Company, Dinah questions Grady about the police.

He promises her that he's taken care of Bill for her.

Eleni and Frank help their daughter get ready for her wedding today.

Remy and Christina arrive at Marina and Mallet's house to act as witnesses but discover no one is there. Talking about their divorce, she asks him if he wants a relationship with her.

When Daisy brings Grady in for the ceremony, Frank orders him to get out. As an upset Daisy walks out, Mallet offers to go find her. Marina goes outside and is shocked to find Shayne is back in town.

She invites him to come inside and reunite with her family but he asks if marrying Mallet will make her happy.

Marina responds that she's moved on from what they had a long time ago.

He explains that this isn't about him but his concern that Mallet won't make her happy. As he rages about the idea of a happy marriage, she walks away.

Meanwhile, seeing Dinah back, Mallet guesses she's there for the wedding but she denies it. Marina is affected when she spots Mallet talking with Dinah. Shayne eyes her run off and then sees the couple himself.

Later, as the wedding is about to begin, Shayne crashes the wedding and Josh is thrilled to see his son back. However, Shayne threatens Mallet and then punches him.

Mel advises Remy and Christina that she has no time left to handle their divorce so they'll have to deal with it themselves.

The two decide to have dinner together to discuss this. Grady and Daisy end up in bed together.

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