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Josh tells Reva how conflicted he feels about blessing Beth’s baby when he knows her real dad is Alan. Cassie tries to be stern with Will, telling him he shouldn’t have packed up Josh’s things. Lizzie gasps when she comes in to the room to find Alan holding Sarah. Beth (Beth Chamberlin) and Rick name the baby Bernadette Bauer.

Jon (Tom Pelphrey) gets a text from Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) saying to meet her at the Bauer cabin with Sarah, because Alan is looking for them. Josh agrees to have Stephen officiate the ceremony and he’ll just bless the baby as her godfather. Jonathan arrives at the cabin and is immediately grabbed by goons.

Alan grabs Sarah as Jon swears to kill Alan. Alan tells Jon he has to call Reva and pretend he’s leaving town with Sarah. Reva tells Lizzie she heard from Jon and he’s left, but her instincts tell her Jon wouldn’t leave with Sarah again. Lizzie makes up a lie to get them to leave, and pops the trunk open for Jon.

The baptism continues as we see Alan arrive in the back. Jon and Lizzie head off to the baptism to find Beth for help. Alan turns to see Jon, with a gun in his hand. Alan manages to get the gun away from Jon. Alan claims he has nothing left to live for and Reva, eager to save Jon, reveals that the baby is Alan’s, not Rick’s.

Guiding Light
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