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Alan (Ron Raines) confronts Reva (Kim Zimmer) with the doll he found and asks if it looks familiar. Josh refuses to host a memorial for a baby he knows is alive, so Alan is going to run the memorial. When Alan monopolizes Sarah’s memorial service, Lizzie is disgusted and runs out.

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Seeing her upset, Jon makes a choice and presents Sarah to her. Meanwhile, when Alan tells everyone he wishes Jon were alive just so he could send him back to the grave, Reva retorts she has no apologies about knocking Alan out earlier. Josh sees a note from Cassie that she took the boys sledding. When Will hides the sign, RJ almost skates on thin ice, but Cassie stops him in the nick of time.

Cassie (Nicole Forester) has a plan and wants RJ and Josh to move out of the house. Josh tells Cassie about Jon and Sarah being alive, and agrees to move out. Reva realizes Josh and RJ are temporarily without a home. Cassie tells Will they have a lot of work to do. Bill threatens to expose Jonathan’s lie, but Reva tries to discourage him. Jonathan sees Tammy and she tells him he needs to make things right.


Lizzie is tempted to open the door to Alan, but decides not to. Lizzie is protective over Sarah, and Bill threatens to call the police (or Alan) and Jon reluctantly leaves, with Lizzie clinging to her daughter.

Guiding Light
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