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Josh tries to talk with Cassie about Will but she stops him. After Cassie leaves with R.J., Josh brings Will to Reva's and explains to her that they are going to be meeting with Linda Marcus from Fairmont Academy...

Episode Guide Part One

Reva warns him about Cassie's reaction to his secret scheme. Will refuses to say anything to Linda - who advises Josh that she has to meet with the boy's mother too. Reva poses as Cassie but her cover is almost blown by Mallet. Will calls Daisy and asks her to come rescue him.

Episode Guide Part Two

Will steals the keys to her car. Realizing what happened, Daisy then tells Josh and Reva about the keys. Josh instructs her to text Will into meeting her at the church. Will is shocked to find Josh there. He asks the boy for the truth about what happened when Edmund fell. Josh accuses him of being up in the balcony when Edmund fell. Was it even an accident?

Episode Guide Part Three

Will tries to run out but Reva grabs him and sits him down to get the truth from him. When given all sorts of excuses, Will finally blurts out that Edmund threatened to hurt his mom and while he didn't mean to harm him, he did push him. Cassie arrives with Jeffrey who confirms that she heard his confession. Jeffrey insists on taking him to the station house.


An angry Cassie tells Josh to sleep in his office tonight. Later, Josh and Reva agree that Will's confession was too convenient. Meanwhile, at home with his mother, Will tells Cassie the push wasn't an accident...

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