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Guiding Light
Episode Recap
March 28, '08

Today on Guiding Light, Harley offers to help Vanessa find her stalker but Vanessa won't consider it because of Cyrus. Josh and Reva toast to her happiness with Jeffrey. Unimpressed when Gus reveals the nameplate for the park named in Olivia's honor, Harley makes fun of the idea until Gus reveals that she's dying.

When he leaks that Olivia asked him to marry her, she remarks that Olivia has been lucky to have Gus in her life. Giving Jude a piggy-back ride, Gus walks Harley back home where the two realize that they can be friends. Afraid she has very little time left to live, Olivia asks Rick to summon Josh to see her.

When Reva accompanies Josh, Jeffrey meets her in the parking lot and confides his concern that Alan may try to take Emma from Olivia. Admitting he's taken steps to protect the girl, Jeffrey realizes he can't tell Reva that he married Olivia. Ava gives Jeffrey the sad news that she's not pregnant.

Olivia asks Reva to take her outside for some fresh air.

She wheels her to the park and shows her the plaque in her honor. Jeffrey calls Gus' cellphone but when Alan answers, Jeffrey asks him to send Gus to the hospital for Olivia's sake. Alan feigns an attempt to tell Gus and then keeps the call from him. Gus offers Alan access to his bank account.

After urging Sam to hurry to town to see his sister, Ava gets good news when Rick reveals a heart has been found and he's just waiting a consent. When Ava finally reaches him, Gus blasts Alan for not passing along the message. When he can't get the car to work, Gus uses Remy's motorcycle.

Before he takes off, Ava calls that Olivia is missing and they've got a lead on a heart. Ava is relieved to find Olivia back in the hospital. As they talk, an injured Gus is wheeled into the ER. Cyrus catches Rafe and Daisy selling fake Ids and agrees not to tell Harley if they end their business. Cyrus is revealed to be the person stalking Vanessa.

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