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Remy downplays nervousness as he meets Christina outside of Company. After she describes all she did to prepare for the test, she walks away because of his "oh well" attitude if he doesn't pass.

Though Mel hints to her brother that "he could do better," she confides to her brother's new friend that she thinks the opposite but doesn't want to "jinx" it.

After getting a surprisingly high 37, Remy gloats until Christina sadly admits she got a 24 and walks out.

Olivia explains to Natalia that the governor is willing to move Rafe to a safer prison but he wants her house for an exit ramp.

Inside the house, Natalia complains that this is the one thing Rafe's father wanted for his son and won't agree. She arrives at the prison to meet Rafe but is told that he's got a staph infection and can't be seen.

Worried, Natalia tells Olivia that she will take the governor's deal.

Alone with Reva for a moment at the Towers, Blake asks if Jeffrey is the father of her baby. Reva is disgusted by the question.

Later, Josh confides to Blake his concern that Jeffrey is not the fathering kind of guy. She offers to be his life coach if he'll build an addition on her house.

Two government agents approach Jeffrey and announce that his country needs him. Admitting the new administration wants him for a job in the Justice Department, Jeffrey turns down the offer because he would be traveling to Washington all the time.

But when Reva hears about it, she encourages him to accept it. She presses him to change his mind but he reminds her he made a commitment to her.

Reva won't let up until he agrees to go for a second interview.

Later, Jeffrey checks her into a room at the Beacon while he's away. She discovers that Josh is staying in the room across the hall.

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