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Beth reminds Coop that they agreed this was all about - and only about - sex. Lizzie shows Alan the magazine she found in the desk, and he leaves it up to her to decide whether to show Frank.

She does and Frank compares the letters on the ransom notes, calling them a perfect match. Lizzie decides to go to the building where she was held captive and Frank accompanies her.

Seeing how upset his granddaughter is, Alan calls Beth and asks her to go to Lizzie. At the building, Lizzie tries to defend Bill but the more she says, the guiltier he sounds.

Frank's curious when Coop asks him to keep an eye on Beth and Lizzie. Beth guesses to Alan that he's pleased by all the evidence that is piling up against Bill.

Alan does admit that he doesn't like Bill.

Beth then hides a text message of concern from Coop.

Lizzie's back at the hospital, pleading with Bill to wake up. Ashley and Grady decide they want to make their relationship work.

Grady claims he's changing because of her.

Ashley is disgusted to catch Daisy kissing Grady and warns her friend that he is no good for her. Daisy claims that she is in love with Grady and warns her to back off.

Enjoying cigars together, Alan is upset when Grady admits that Dinah was involved with the kidnaping too.

Grady reminds him that Dinah skipped town but Alan worries that Dinah might have kept some evidence that blames Grady for the kidnaping.

Ashlee catches Grady searching through Dinah's computer files and warns him that Daisy told her she's in love with him.

When Grady gets rough and demands to know what Daisy told her, he grabs her and runs off which Daisy happens to see.

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