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Marina orders Mallet to give Dinah her hideous gift back and points out it's also from Mt. Arrowhead. Mallet asks if he has to marry her to show her that he loves her.

As the two realize what he said, Mallet decides it's a good idea and insists they tie the knot. They head to City Hall but the judge's office is closed due to an emergency.

While Jeffrey is complaining to Mel about Reva's decision to move back to the cabin, Josh finds her in bad shape, calls Rick and then Jeffrey and rushes her to the hospital.

Rick pronounces Reva's unborn baby fine and Josh is surprised to learn she's having a boy. When Jeffrey arrives, Reva downplays all that has happened and assures him their baby is fine.

After listening to them chat and catch up, Josh slips out. Rick urges Reva to stay overnight but knows she'll never do it. Later, Rick tells Jeffrey to get her to an oncologist.

Relieved the baby is fine, Reva tells Jeffrey that's all she cares about. Josh gets a warning call from Marah about Shayne and learns he won't be coming home for Thanksgiving.

Remy tries to cheer up Christina because of her low test score but she accuses him of having an easy life. Mel finds her brother arguing with Christina and privately hints to her that she should show a little compassion after Remy lost a baby and his best friend earlier this year.

Later, Mallet and Marina convince Remy to help witness their nuptials up at the Mt. Arrowhead wedding chapel and Remy, in turn, convinces Christina to join him.

But after the champagne starts flowing and Marina realizes that she wants a real wedding, Mallet agrees to wait. Deciding to go home, Mallet leaves a drunk Remy and Christina their reserved room at the resort.

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