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Lizzie warns Vanessa that Bill is the number one suspect in her kidnaping. Frank confirms for Bill's parents that Bill had a motive as Vanessa and Billy worry about what Bill may have done.

Lizzie realizes she may be the only person who believes in Bill's innocence. She lectures them that Bill would never hurt her, then tells Frank that the kidnapper was not built like Bill.

Remy wakes up hungover in the room Mallet and Marina gave him and Christina. Stumbling into the bathroom, Remy finds an equally hungover Christina lying in the bathtub.

As they try to remember what happened last night, a bellhop brings them champagne along with a photo of them getting married.

Back in Springfield, Remy and Christina ask Mel to have their marriage annulled. Amused, Mel offers her brother congratulations because she actually likes Christina but he insists she solve this problem.

Later, Remy and Christina are amused when he points out they argue like a married couple. Cyrus warns Grady that there is a surveillance tape of the stolen van and urges him not to trust Alan.

Breaking into Mallet and Marina's new place, Grady leaves a special key at the house for Daisy. Cyrus pockets the security video from the station house and watches it with Alan.

They see a man wearing a particular jacket steal the van.

Guessing that Grady has planted a matching jacket in Bill's room, Cyrus asks Alan not to frame Bill and then warns his brother that if something goes wrong, Grady will face the consequences.

Cyrus then returns the tape to the police and updates his brother. Grady thanks him for his help. Frank calls Alan to set up a time to show him the tape.

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