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Hiding when he hears Daisy in the hospital corridor, Grady grabs a pillow and advises unconscious Bill that he's this just for "survival." However, Grady realizes at the last second he can't do it.

Daisy stops him and comes up with an excuse for his presence.

She admits that she wishes they could be like Bill and Lizzie but points out they're not connected because he won't let her in. She kisses him but when he asks her to save him, she says goodbye.

Later, fellow classmate Chip asks her out. When Grady admits he was at the hospital earlier to insure his secret is kept, Cyrus assures his brother that there are "good ways" to solve this problem.

After Alan complains about the TV news running Lizzie's press conference over and over, Buzz guesses he's upset because he's no longer the number one guy in Lizzie's life.

Offering to take Lizzie to the hospital, Cyrus listens as she describes her kidnaper. Dinah feels guilty as Billy talks about his worries for his son and his desire to find the person responsible for the kidnaping.

Alan's upset to find Dinah and Billy at the mansion.

Later, in Bill's hospital room, Lizzie makes matters worse for Dinah by admitting Bill told her how big a help she had been to him.

Dinah announces that she's going to Europe to try to find the best doctor for her brother.

Admitting she has many regrets, Dinah kisses Bill goodbye. Grady forces his way in to see Alan and suggests that they both have the same problem.

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