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Grady stuns Alan by confessing he kidnaped Lizzie. Pulling out a gun, Alan's going to call the police when Grady suggests they frame Bill and get what they both want.

Alan orders him to blindfold himself but when Beth tells Alan how much Lizzie loves Bill, Alan agrees to go along with Grady's scheme but insists that "he calls the shots."

Using his own story about taking Richard's heart, Rick asks Olivia to stop thinking that her heart is Guys' heart and urges her to "live her life."

After Natalia turns down an offer for her house, she tells Frank that she's trying to hold onto Gus. Hearing what she's done, Olivia points out she's working three jobs to save an empty house in which she doesn't live.

Natalia calls it Gus' house and vows not to live there until Rafe is free but Olivia calls it a shrine to Gus. Lecturing her, Olivia states that it's not Gus' heart and it's not Gus' house anymore.

Natalia responds that it's not that easy for her.

After Olivia pleads for his assistance, the governor offers to help Rafe but only if Natalia sells the state her house.

Marina complains to Frank about Dinah's presence in her life with Mallet but he suggests that she's being immature.

On the way to the airport, Dinah stops by the house to see Mallet. He warns her to call next time but appreciates it when she fixes his broken heater.

Hearing about her trip to find the best doctor for Bill, Mallet wishes her well. Later, Marina tells Mallet that Dinah no longer bothers her.

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