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Ashlee and Vanessa help Dinah get ready for her wedding. Shayne and Dinah head to the courthouse where their friends are waiting.

Remy agrees to walk Dinah down the aisle as she calls him her best friend.

Doris officiates as they are married.

Later at the Towers, Mallet shows Marina he found the notice about the trust for Henry and she confirms that Edmund sent it but claims that she didn't know if it was real.

Crying, Marina can't believe he still thinks she killed the "John Doe"and blasts him for not giving her a chance.

Dinah overhears Mallet telling Remy that Marina is in trouble and that he's got to bring her in because she did kill the man at the river.

Later, Dinah stops Mallet and confesses that she killed that man. Catching him on the phone, Alan asks Phillip when the business takeover is scheduled to take place.

Phillip insists he's talking with Ed and announces that they are heading to Ohio next.

Served pancakes at a diner, Phillip leaks to Alan that Joanne, the waitress who served them, is the wife of the now-dead soldier who took Phillip's place in Vietnam years ago.

Pointing out that the man with her is Charlie, Jerry's son, he tells Alan that this is his chance to face something that has bothered him most of his life.

Instead, Alan walks out.

Phillip convinces him to return and Alan finally introduces himself to Charlie. Phillip calls Ed to report that he's not feeling well so he's going to return to Springfield.

Seeing that Ed is calling Phillip, Alan answers the phone.

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Guiding Light
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