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After a call from Daisy, Josh and Jeffrey tell Reva that they need to go give her support.

Bill visits Phillip in jail and insists that Cyrus is the person who kidnaped Lizzie.

Phillip asks him to tell him everything he remembers about what happened and, afterwards, Phillip explains that he needs time to think about all he's heard.

Bill warns that they are the only two who can protect his daughter. Phillip finally makes his phone call and asks for help.

Alexandra arrives later and after she recounts what happened to Lizzie, Phillip admits it's the same story Bill told him.

She then admits she's worried about Lizzie because her actions are reminding her of Phillip before he decided to separate from the family.

After Buzz spends some time in Coop's room, he returns downstairs where Mel greets him and embraces him.

Buzz mentions that Coop left behind a will.

Reva is next to visit Buzz and hugs him.

Just after Lizzie tells Cyrus that he is the only person she can trust, Alexandra interrupts and, reading through her business files, warns Lizzie that Cyrus is no good.

Blaming herself for Tammy's death and how she tricked Coop, Lizzie argues that Cyrus is the only person in her corner right now.

Seeing Cyrus is working with Lizzie again, Bill feigns he's been drinking again and interrupts. When Coop takes him to his room at the Beacon, Bill hints that he may be getting his memory back.

He secretly watches as Cyrus calls his brother. Meanwhile, complaining about Bill drinking again, Lizzie announces to Billy that she wants him out of the company.

At the Towers Reva assures Jeffrey she appreciates his plans to celebrate her final chemotherapy session tomorrow and is amused when he gifts her with a graduation gown to mark the moment.

Buzz asks Josh to say a few words at Coop's memorial service.

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