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Shayne wants to make peace with what happened with Lara. She convinces him not to reveal that he caused Lara's death.

Coop asks Buzz to help create a distraction for Alan so that he can sneak into the Spaulding mansion and take Beth.

At the mansion, Beth's disgusted when Alan hands her a bracelet and an invitation to their wedding.

She argues against the idea but Alan insists that their wedding will be as public as her humiliation of him. Spotting Beth walking, Coop grabs her and insists they can still be together.

As Buzz watches, she claims he's living in a dream world and refuses to be with him.

Coop responds by calling her a coward.

Showing Buzz the wedding invitation, Beth asks him to keep Coop from finding out until afterwards. Alan watches as guards drag Coop from the Spaulding grounds.

Beth warns Alan she'll be thinking of Coop during the ceremony.

Josh is taken aback when Edmund admits that he's using this kids clinic as a way of testing Shayne's love for Lara.

Jeffrey and Reva attend a birthing class during which he passes out as they view a video of a birth.

Afterwards, Edmund shows them the plans for the Lara Winslow Pediatric Care Center and boasts that Shane is his new partner on the project.

Josh is impressed when Shayne confesses that he wants that job at Lewis Construction so that he can make this clinic happen, calling it the only way he can honor Lara.

Snooping in his room, Dinah confronts Edmund about a document she found revealing that his daughter was pregnant.

He explains how she told him she was carrying his grandchild and that Shayne was the father. She wonders why he hasn't told Shayne.

Boasting about the money coming through, Shayne invites Dinah to partner with him and Edmund. With Marina's help, Buzz locks Coop in her basement.

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Guiding Light
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