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Unable to use the word lesbian, Olivia kisses Natalia to show Emma's teacher and the other parents think they're "that kind" of partners. Natalia's stunned.

She doesn't understand when Olivia admits she didn't correct the teacher. She forces her house mate back to school where she demands they set Emma s teacher straight.

There, Olivia accuses her of blowing this out of proportion.

Natalia explains the mixup to Ms. Jennings but when she realizes how disappointed Olivia is, Natalia explains to the teacher how important Olivia and Emma are to her.

When Beth realizes that Lizzie has seen them dining at the Towers, she tells Coop she's got to leave.

Instead, he runs after Lizzie and tries to talk but she refuses, telling him that he makes her sick.

Calling him a "sleazebag," she slaps him twice.

Not giving up, Bill chases her out to the parking lot where he insists that he cares for Beth and is not just with her to have sex.

Rick assures Bill that he doesn't know where Phillip is but Bill insists that he needs to find someone who can help Lizzie.

Rick runs to the Spaulding mansion, and, after seeing Peyton, leaks to Beth about Bill's odd request.

She denies knowing where Phillip is too. Rick's astounded to hear about her new relationship with Coop who makes her very happy.

He points out that Coop's a lot younger than Alan while she wonders aloud if she's lost her mind. Lizzie is shocked when she runs into Bill as he walks Roxy and he reveals that he now owns the dog.

Lizzie ends up crying to Cyrus about Roxy's new home. Back at his room, Bill finds someone left a note about Phillip.

Natalia and Frank spend time together and she leans in for a kiss this time. Stressed out by his family, Buzz loses his balances as he sweeps up at Company.

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Guiding Light
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