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After Alan welcomes her to New York City, he resents it when Cyrus shows up with questions about their potential investors.

Lizzie stands by Cyrus who later hands Lizzie secrets he's discovered about one of the investors.

Though she slyly uses Cyrus' research to get the upper hand over an embarrassed Mr. Vassalo, Lizzie is uncomfortable when Alan tells the investors that Company, a recent acquisition, needs to be torn down and completely rebuilt.

When Shayne claims that his family is better off without him, Dinah calls it a lie and joins him at the edge of the roof.

As they argue, Shayne stumbles and the two fall backward.

Realizing Dinah hurt her head, Shayne takes her inside to get treatment for the bump. Bill confides to his son that he may have a lead on Phillip and offers to accompany him.

Instead, Bill insists on going alone to prove to Lizzie that he loves her.

Hiking, Bill stops for water and loses his GPS device but decides to continue. As Reva doubts that he could be her father, Edmund explains that Lara came to him while he was in the hospital and that her mother Rachel was part of the "help" at the house when he was a teenager.

Boasting that she sat by his bed, day after day, Edmund reports that Lara told him she was his daughter.

Jeffrey doesn't believe his claims but Edmund shows Josh a DNA test report he's ordered to prove he is Lara's father.

Jeffrey responds that it's best Lara died before Edmund could turn her into someone like him. Josh calls Shayne to let him know that Lara's father is in town and that he is Edmund.

Asking whether she's having a boy or a girl, Edmund offers Reva and Jeffrey congratulations and then insists that he's a changed man.

At Company Shayne gets Edmund to describe Lara to see if he is telling the truth and he passes the test. Dinah later warns Shayne how dangerous Edmund can be.

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Guiding Light
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