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Grady and Daisy move into Ashlee's place. Daisy urges Grady to tell Doris that Bill is truly innocent but both Grady and Ashlee say it doesn't matter.

Approaching her mother about Bill, Dinah feigns interest when Vanessa asks her if she wants to be involved with Shayne.

Cyrus offers Alan a deal in which he'll keep secret Alan's role in framing Bill as long as Alan doesn't say anything about Grady.

Though Cyrus won't let up on all that he will lose, Alan boasts that Lizzie always comes back to him.

After admitting he can't remember if he did kidnap her, Bill suggests to Lizzie that they put off the press conference but she insists on doing it.

As she addresses the cameras, Lizzie starts to express her faith in Bill but eventually is unable to finish and walks out.

Bill tries to continue but his efforts also fall short.

He finds Lizzie crying in the stairwell and announces that he can't do this anymore. When he offers to go live somewhere else while he searches for the truth about the kidnaping, she accepts the offer.

Alan's thrilled when he guesses that Lizzie has lost faith in Bill.

While Bill starts drinking, Lizzie runs tells her grandfather that he must be happy because she and Bill are no longer together.

Cyrus urges Lizzie not to assume Bill's guilty just because he can't remember. Lizzie invites Cyrus to come work with her because she needs to be with someone she can trust.

Finding him drinking too much, Daisy ends up driving Bill around town as he worries about Lizzie. Alan directs Lizzie to check with Alexandra about whether she trusts Cyrus.

Dinah calls Shayne and asks him to meet with her.

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