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Chastising her for walking out on the press conference, Daisy tells Lizzie that she knows Bill couldn't have kidnaped her. Billy encourages his son to go to Lizzie and tell him he loves her.

Bill tells Lizzie he's moving out.

Unresponsive when Dinah tries to get him talking, Shayne tells her that he doesn't need "fixing." While out jogging, Jeffrey stumbles across the "hero" medal Shayne threw away.

He then encourages Reva to go see Shayne.

When Dinah arrives, she denies to Reva that she's responsible for Shayne's night in jail. Reva suspects that she and Shayne crashed the wedding to hurt Mallet but Dinah explains this was Shayne's idea.

Reva urges her to give Shayne some space but Dinah downplays her concern.

After taking some advice from Roc, Jeffrey brings Shayne to the community center where he reveals that there is a volunteer position waiting for him if he wants to help people.

Shayne is suspicious but Jeffrey explains that he's doing this for Reva's sake and reminds him of all she's facing.

Sensing he's not interested, Jeffrey threatens to keep trying to help him and raises his voice to show how determined he is.

When Shayne comes around, Jeffrey reminds him the kids he'll be helping have had tough lives. Later, Dinah complains to Jeffrey about Reva and learns about Shayne's volunteering.

He confirms that there has been trouble at the community center and adds that it's not going to be easy for Shayne.

Meanwhile, Shayne meets his first "assignment" and the teen pulls a knife on him. When Dinah arrives, Byron grabs her and threatens to hurt her.

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