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Alan asks Beth why she's not wearing his engagement ring, and she claims she needs time. Byron grabs Dinah and threatens to slash her with his knife.

Shayne denies that he cares about her and dares him to go ahead with his threat. However, he warns him about how the press will handle the story which sends the thug running.

Dinah is furious with Shayne for the way he put her in danger.

He's amused by her reaction but then tells her he's serious about wanting her to leave him alone.

Helping Reva take down the Christmas lights, Jeffrey hands Josh the hero medal he found earlier and tells him that he convinced Shayne to volunteer at the community center.

While they "connect," Reva slips out with the video camera and records her last will and testament.

Josh brings Shayne some things for his room and is upset when his son is reluctant to accept his help.

Hearing about her school project, Olivia offers to let her interview her but Emma explains she needs to question her grandfather instead.

During the interview for the school newspaper, Olivia's unable to listen to Alan gloating about his love of family.

Natalia takes a moment to point out that while he's boasting about his family, Rafe sits in prison.

She warns him that Emma will one day find out the truth about him.

Watching her mother and Natalia interact, Emma laughs to discover what makes "their family" work. Beth's uncomfortable when she heads to Company for a meeting with Mr. Brooks, an attorney she's volunteering for, and runs into Coop.

Tired of how the lawyer is treating Beth, Coop confronts the guy who calls Beth his ditzy law student.

Looking over the financials for the past year, Coop warns Buzz in front of Alan that they're in danger of losing the restaurant.

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