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Christina boasts to Remy that she got another chance to take the MCAT. Then she finds the divorce papers ready for their signatures.

She points out that if they're not married, she can't get the money she needs for school.

Remy's in favor of staying married to get the loan but she thinks it's wrong.

He offers her the papers to sign and tricks her into signing the financial aid document instead of the divorce paper.

Mallet freaks out when his doctor explains that he's having his mole tested to see if he might have skin cancer.

Reva overhears his fear about cancer and urges him to tell Marina what he's facing but he claims that it's his job to protect Marina.

Reva counters that if he doesn't tell Marina, he'll be cheating her and himself.

Mallet finally comes clean and later, his doctor advises him he doesn't have cancer but is warned about using sun screen to protect his skin.

Encouraged about their future, Mallet tells Marina he wants to have a baby with her and is hoping a medical breakthrough might solve his problem.

In the Spaulding boardroom, Bill tells Lizzie that moving out of the mansion may not be enough.

She wonders if his memory has returned and is disappointed to hear it hasn't.

Daisy boasts to Grady about finding a hypnotherapist she thinks can help Bill recover his memory. He runs to warn Alan and insists he do something about it.

Alan admits that his brother ordered him to stay away from Grady. Vowing to fix this problem himself, Grady thanks Cyrus for his help with Alan.

Daisy convinces Bill and then Lizzie to meet with Dr. Wankel to try to uncover his lost memories.

Alan secrets offers Dr. Wankel money to keep Bill from recovering his memories.

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