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Daisy is grossed out by evidence of love between grandparents as Buzz admits he spent the night with Lillian. Mel is taken aback to find a shirtless Cyrus in her bathroom.

He finally admits that he drove her home after she drank too much and ended up sleeping on the couch all night. Cristian and Remy wake up and realize they're in the cab of the "just married" truck.

When they stop by Company, the two are doused with rice as everyone congratulates them on getting married again last night.

Buzz shows them a video of the ceremony as proof.

Staring at and talking with baby Henry, Mallet tells his son that he doesn't believe Marina could have killed Edmund and decides to call Sanchez to cancel the fiber test on the broken stroller handle.

However, his call is too late as the test results are already back. He's stunned to read that the plastic from the broken stroller handle matches that found in Edmund's brain.

Later, he's taken aback when Marina boasts that if Edmund were here right now, she'd run over him with her car.

In the Florida Keys, Reva and Josh talk with a Coast Guard official who urges them to consider that Jeffrey's plane had a "water landing."

Reva vows not to go home until she finds her husband. Josh hires a helicopter to go looking for him.

Daisy calls Josh for an update and after she gives Buzz the bad news, he guesses that Jeffrey is dead.

Shayne worries when Dinah reveals that she wants to "smoke out" Edmund and warns that she may end up like Jeffrey. Dinah then arranges to buy a gun. Mallet decides to help Dinah find Edmund.

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