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Buzz advises Marina and Blake that Company is closed. Remy calls Cyrus to warn him to get rid of the diamonds. Two federal agents place Cyrus under arrest at Company.

Frank advises Buzz, Blake and Marina that Cyrus some of the stolen diamonds. After the agent takes the remaining diamonds, he finds a note in Cyrus' pocket and reads his "to do" list that includes a stove, a roof and Daisy's tuition.

Behind bars now, Cyrus tells Remy that he tried to do good.

Back in Springfield, James talks with Daisy about the odd camping trip. He leaks to Lillian about stranding Phillip and Alan.

She asks Beth for help finding them but when Beth decides that Phillip is on his own, Lillian insists.

Meanwhile, Phillip makes Alan think when he wonders how things would be different if he weren't here for "the long run."

Phillip admits that he came back because of Alan who always told him not to run from anything. Alan tells him the story of Gerald Pierce, the man Brandon arranged to go off to war in his place.

He somberly admits Gerald never came back to his family and suggests those words he told Phillip were lies.

Phillip asks Alan if they can talk like this in the future but after Beth and Lillian take them home, Alan tells Phillip the story he told him never happened.

Olivia is careful to push Josh away after he takes her back to her place and hints that he'd join her in the shower. Later, Blake finds Olivia on the bathroom floor, eating chips with the shower running.

Remy offers to help Olivia find out where Natalia is. With the new stove now gone, Buzz complains to Lillian about trusting Cyrus.

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